My work explores psychodynamic intersections of natural and built environments and forms. I strive to open up physical and psychological spaces as sites for exploration, observation and play using processes of building, burying, digging, uncovering, and material investigation. I piece the work together using methods of assembly, aggregation and subtraction as ways to manipulate different media including canvas, vinyl, fabric, cardboard and plastic. I cut, sew, glue, weave and fold the materials to layer, cover, uncover, obscure and bind. My images grow by expansion and proliferation; they germinate and create rhizomatic networks.


I would like the viewer to explore and inhabit these spaces and make their own discoveries, envision their own relationships to spaces of absence, and situate themselves in uncanny terrains that are both unfamiliar and nostalgic.


In my work, I hope to offer new views into contemporary understandings of physical and psychological spaces by processing the detritus of every day life. I use the patterns, textures and palettes of material and consumer culture with the goal of engendering a nuanced awareness of the various environments that we navigate. My work explores the aesthetics of craft and the handmade as a means with which to reflect on mass-produced throwaway culture, and our place within it.